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Dr Michelle Garretty is the consultant specialist and founder of Flebostetic, with clinical practice operating since 2018 in Portoviejo and Manta (Ecuador).

Her career begins with a degree in medicine from the Technical University of Manabí in Portoviejo, where she graduates with top accolades.

Beyond that, she holds an International University Diploma in Non-invasive Vascular Diagnosis from the University of Business and Social Sciences UCES in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Specialist in Phlebology and Lymphology, UCA, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2017

  • Peripheral Vascular Ecodoplerist, SAEU, 2017. Buenos Aires Argentina.

  • International Master in Aesthetic Medicine, CECAP-ESNECA Business School, 2020

  • Specialization in Neuromuscular Lymphatic Taping Stage I, NMT Institute, 2016. Buenos Aires Argentina.

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